Design Exercises

These are the ones that you talked me out of doing in class. If you want to become a better designer, you must practice, practice, practice!

Elements of Design

Line / Shape / Color / Texture / Value / Space

Every work of art & design use some or all of the above elements within their creation.
Begin to understand these "building blocks" and your work will improve dramatically!

Principles of Design
Balance / Proportion / Rhythm / Emphasis / Unity

Principles of Design ~ Composition

Balance / Proportion / Rhythm / Emphasis / Unity

Worksheet from class:

A website about Composition:

A movie about Composition:


The most powerful element in design and art, color can add emotion, movement and visual excitement to your designs - but it could also overwhelm and destroy even the best design idea, leading to chaos! Learning color theories and harmonies will teach you how to chose colors wisely, to create with intention rather than guesswork.
Here is the color harmony presentation from class:
A great download (pdf) which goes much further into color theory:

This is the pdf worksheet you will color in Photoshop:
(The first page is the color project, the second is another color wheel with schemes and harmonies)

Websites for color scheme ideas:

Adobe Kuler (download free color schemes with a community of artists and designers)

Tiger Color and Color Impact software, with a brief description of color schemes: