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Chewing Gum has been around for a long time. From the Ancient Greeks, to the Mayans, to Native Americans,
humans have enjoyed chewing gum-like substances for many years.
And sooner or later (around the late 1800’s) they decided to make a package for it!

From chewing the sap from trees, to more commercial invented flavors like bubblegum, tutti-frutti, wild berry and the more bizarre flavors like Photon (pineapple), Bacon or Root Beer float. Package designers have the challenge of creating a functional package that reflects the flavor of the gum within.

That’s where you come in…


Students will create a package design for a new flavor of gum for a fictional company.1817.jpg
The design must include;
  • The Name of the Gum
  • A logo for the company
  • A graphic that reflects the flavor of the gum

Objective (Students will learn)
  • Creating a design for an alternate format
  • Reflect the expectation of flavor or experience within a design
  • Choosing color harmonies
  • Creating a flavor of gum and company logo



Brainstorm an idea. Think about flavors you may want to create, and a company name to reflect that flavor.
You many use an established company, but you must recreate the design.
  • Complete the Gum Package worksheet found here:
  • Sketch out your ideas. Create three thumbnails for the design and layout of the package.
  • Choose a color scheme that reflects the flavor of the gum.
  • Start designing using Illustrator and/or Photoshop

Gum package template found here:



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