Pizza Box Design

Project9 inch Pizza_Box.jpg

Using Adobe illustrator, students will create a pizza box design for a fictional pizza company. The finished design will be printed, folded into small boxes, and filled with delicious pizza courtesy of the Culinary Arts classes!

Create a Theme for you pizza shop!
Is it old-fashioned, deep dish or thin crust?
What's the name of the company - who is there mascot?

Design Specifications

Maximum 3 colors!
Create your design using a max. of three PMS colors chosen from the PMS color library in Illustrator.
Use an actual color scheme and harmony for your design.

Consider either the name of the Pizza company, or a catchy phrase to lead us to the name
(Which would then be the sub-head)
Sub-Heading and/or tag line
Create a great tag line to let the customer know the special quality of pizza they are about to devour! Use these examples as a jumping off point:

  • Pizza Huts “Deliverin’ it Great!”

  • Papa John’s “Pack in More!”

  • Dominos “The Pizza Delivery Experts”

Other (optional) Information to consider:
  • Pizza company mission statements, guarantees or philosophy
  • Flavor choices & Selections
  • Phone number or other contact information
  • Locations

Objectives (Students will learn;)
  • How to create a limited color scheme design using Adobe Illustrator
  • How to create a logo and support text for and imaginary restaurant/pizzeria
  • How to create a 2D design meant for a 3D format

Design tips:
  • Use one large graphic as the focal point
  • Limit your design to two (very different) fonts
  • Choose your colors based off a color harmony! Don’t pick randomly!

The Design Challenge!

The Culinary Arts classes are nice enough to make pizza for us, why not make a pizza box for them!

WHS Culinary Dept. Pizza Shoppe
Your design must meet the following criteria & text:

WHS Culinary Dept. Pizza Shoppe
CTE logo must be included onto the pizza box design
Three colors: Black, PMS 200 and any PMS color of your choice

Pizza Box Template