Toy Package Design

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Consider for a moment the myriad of games and toys in your favorite toy store – most of those toys are packaged within a box that someone has to design, and that someone might as well be you!

This toy package project is for a toy character that you create,
based off a DIY character design known as… The Munny!

The Ultimate Munny Project!

The Munny is a “do-it yourself” sculpture created by kid robot, which acts as a sculptural template upon which you can paint, sculpt, draw, or do just about anything too!

Your mission is the create a Munny character first, then create the package for the character. You can create characters in the “Munny-style” based on movie, comic books or anime characters and books, you could even create your very own characters.

3D challenge93998397_c793f156cb_o.jpg

After creating the sketch of your Munny character, use some model magic and create your character as a 3D model! Then create a package design for the 3D figure!

Process (Plan, Refine your Idea, Execute the Design!)
  1. Come up with a Theme for your toy character
  2. Create three sketch ideas for your toy – what about accessories for the toy?
  3. Draw one clean image for your final idea, and scan into Photoshop
  4. (or create a 3D version using Model Magic)
  5. Clean the drawing up in PS, then create using Photoshop and Illustrator

Project One: The Munny Illustration

Using the Munny Character Template, create an illustration of a Munny of your choice.
Sketch your ideas first – know where you are going with your design!

Consider minimizing your color scheme to 3 colors – where would those colors be on your character?

Munny Character Template:167190956_c65c83e33b.jpg

Project Two: The Munny Package Design

Using the Munny Package Template, create a package design for the Munny you created. Remember, the package is for YOUR MUNNY, not the generic Munny package (although you can use that as inspiration).

Munny Package Design Template:

The Munny package design comes in two parts:
The Outside Box & The Inside Sleeve (two pages of one PDF)

We will discuss the format in class

Your design should include images of the toy character and visuals that support the tone of the character. Create a design that illustrates immense fun and excitement someone would have in owning the toy!

In addition, the package design must include the following:

The Name of the Toy
Text that reveals the tone/attitude of the toy

Synposis of the toy/character

Accessories inside
Other toy characters or accessories available

Top (window is optional)
Toy Name

Toy Name
UPC code
Kid-Robot logo

Objectives (Students will learn)
  • Combining Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Complex Package Design with inner sleeve and windows
  • Designing with a Theme and Character
  • Using Adobe Illustrator Live Trace, Live Paint and Brush tool functions
  • Gradient Mesh, Blend tool and the Warp tools
  • Illustrating with a Theme
  • Creating a color and design theme across multiple formats

  • Collect images that correspond with the illustrated Munny character
  • Sketch out three ideas for a design layout
  • Consider fonts and color schemes for the design
  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create a title design for the name of the toy
  • Use Adobe Photoshop to create the entire design. Place the title design as a smart object


Go to google (or Bing) and type in “Munny examples” to see great examples

Check out Kid Robots Munny website:

Check out the Keaney Munny Challenge!