Logo Designjohnny-cupcakes.jpg

Logo design is the art of creating designs that come to represent a business or individual.
But so much more than that, logo design create an immediately recognizable identity for the business or individual it is created for.

When you buy a product, we don’t just buy for the name,
you buy for the Attitude! Logos help to identify the brand.

Think of the many logos you see in your life, and without thinking you know exactly what the company is, what they do, who represents them, perhaps even your favorite product from the company.

That is the power of logo design.

The logo is a key feature in the “Branding” of the business; that is,
the style of the logo becomes (and supports) the main identity of the business.
There are (loosely) three styles of logo designs:appleLogo.gif

Type Design: A logo design based on typography (IBM or Microsoft)ups.jpg

Subject design: A logo based on a recognizable shape (Johnny Cupcakes or Apple)

Abstract design: A logo based on an abstract shape (Nike or Mazda)

Important points to consider when creating your logo:

AnimalPlanetnewLogo.gifIt’s Describable
(You can describe what the graphic looks like)150_675.jpg

It’s Memorable
(You can remember what the graphic looks like)

It’s Effective without color
(Create only using black first)

It’s Scalable
(Design works when just an inch in size or three feet!)

It’s Relevant
(The Design connects to the person or business)

The Project

Students will create three, different style logo designs (Type, Subject and Abstract based)
for yourself or a business of your choice. mcdonalds-logo.jpg

The Process
  1. Decide what your business is going to be. Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Musician, Photographer, etc.

  2. Brainstorm ideas about your business: quickly jot down descriptive words that come to mind when you think of YOU and your business. Fun, quirky, professional, creative, cheap, high-end, etc.
    Write down any words that come to mind. We will use these words the critique your idea
  3. Thumbnail Sketches: Practice quick visual thinking by using your brain, pencil and paper. Freehand at least 3 ideas before going to illustrator.

  4. Dive right into Illustrator and begin creating your logos. USE THE COLOR BLACK ONLY!
    Make the design work with one color. If it doesn’t work in one color, it doesn’t work.
  5. Plan your idea on paper first! You will save yourself time and frustration if you think the idea through first, before diving into Adobe Illustrator. Create three thumbnail sketches of logo ideas.

  6. Write one sentence that you feel captures a bit about your personality and business focus – use this sentence as a focus for the feeling you are trying to capture within your logo.

Simplify, simplify, simplify!